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In the 1960 film High Times, late entertainer Bing Crosby portrayed the role of 51-year-old Harvey Howard, who decides to enroll in college for the first time in order to earn his bachelors degree. That would have been unusual for someone at that age and at that time, but today, people are attending college into their 70s and 80s.

Of course, one thing we have today that the fictional Harvey Howard did not is the miracle of Internet technology – and online-college makes it easier than ever.

On Your Own, At Your Pace

One of the problems Bing Crosby’s character faced was the fact that he was old enough to be his classmates’ father – and while he was a sober and mature middle-aged man, his fellow students loved to “party down.” In earning an online college degree, this is one duduk perkara that you won’t have to deal with. This is also an aspect of online-college that can be challenging; it is a solitary pursuit, and it takes real self-motivation to succeed. But if you are even considering going through an online-college program, chances are you are pretty motivated already.

The other aspect of an online-college degree is that it can be completed on your own time and at your own pace. You are not bound by the traditional semester or quarter system; typically, you have up to twelve months to complete an online college course.

A Thrifty Way To Go

An online-college degree doesn’t require that you pay many of the fees that are traditionally associated with college. Obviously, your commute is only a few feet, from your bedroom to your PC terminal; in addition, you won’t be assessed for things such as lab fees and ASB fees.

In addition, online college is eligible for the same loans and grants as a traditional degree program.

Fully Accredited

The face is that online-college degree programs are offered by virtually all major colleges and universities today. These institutions are fully accredited, which means that your online college degree carries the same weight as any other.


Of course, you don’t have to complete a full online-college program; you may simply wish to take an online college course or two in order to brush up on an old skill or develop some new ones.

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