Online College Teaching – Is There Any Quality?

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Online College Teaching – Is There Any Quality?

The competition in today’s job market is as tough as ever. With the advent of web 2.0, we have seen a rise in college degree programs being offered online. People have adapted to the idea of a school without borders. And why not, in these times of tough competition, it is always good to reinvent yourself and get an added qualification to your resume. Getting an online college degree, is fast becoming an alternative way for professionals and people who don’t have to enroll in regular class room setting learning.

However, there are still apprehensions about the quality and teaching methods of an online college degree. One noticeable difference is that teachers in a real classroom setting can get valuable inputs and feedback from students in real time. This is not the case with an online classroom setting. Unless there is an active interaction between instructors and students as well as students among themselves, you can’t assume that the lessons were clearly absorbed. So, the program’s success is largely dependent on the active participation of the student.

Online courses are offered to those not fortunate enough to attend regular school for whatever reason. And usually, online courses are administered by an in-campus college and lessons are conducted by professors who also handle regular campus classes. The faculty members of an online course are the same faculty who handle regular classroom sessions. Most schools do require these instructors to have a master’s degree at the minimum or a doctor’s degree. Online teachers undergo preparations and are given enough pembinaan before they set out on their online classes. The learning materials and notes for online degree courses are prepared, under the supervision or directly, by the instructors themselves. So, it goes without saying that online degree programs can give you the same quality of education and learning offered in a regular college setting.

Online teaching methods vary from one school to another. Some colleges prepare audio lectures that you can download from the school’s portal. Others combine a mix of audio-visual presentation as well as video conferencing. The lectures can also be made available to students in streaming format or as a PowerPoint presentation with audio recording. To encourage collaboration, class participants can also interact between themselves and their professors through an online discussion board or through e-mail. Contact details of students are available for everyone to obtain so they can work together online on group assignments. Additionally, these assignments are downloaded from the school portal and are emailed back once it is done.

Some online degrees can be obtained totally online while others require classroom attendance at a minimum. But there is absolutely no difference in content and quality of the degree acara whether it is online or a regular classroom course. The only thing different is the method of teaching since there is no face to face interaction. With enough drive and self-motivation anyone can greatly benefit on an online college degree program.

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